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Unlocking Cycling Adventures: Turbo Trainer Hire launch convenient Shokbox Bike Case Rentals


Pursue Boundaries are a UK based rental company dedicated to offering affordable and flexible options of quality products. They are disrupting the traditional retail model with a rental approach.  One in which people buy less and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Pursue Boundaries, who operate Turbo Trainer Hire have recently expanded their hire offering to the triathlon and cycling communities, by adding new ShokBox Classic bike box rental. This exciting development opens up new possibilities for cyclists who wish to travel with their bikes hassle-free. In this blog post, we will explore the convenience and benefits of bike case rentals, allowing cyclists to pursue their adventures with ease.

Traveling Made Easy 

With Turbo Trainer Hires Bike box hire- just imagine the scenarios:

  •   A family going on an overseas vacation. One of the adults is a passionate cyclist, but bringing their bike along seems like a logistical challenge?
  • No storage space at home, living in a 1-bedroom flat with no storage space to store a bike box all year round
  • On a budget after blowing a fortune on a cycling holiday and looking for an affordable convenient way to transport your bike to your holiday destination?

With Turbo Trainer Hire, these dilemmas are effortlessly resolved. Turbo Trainer Hire are offering an affordable convenient hire option.

You can even collect from their warehouse, conveniently located within 5 miles of Gatwick Airport.

Why Travel with Your Own Bike?

Renting a bike at the destination may seem like a convenient option, but it comes with uncertainties. You never know what type of bike you will get or how well-maintained it will be. Riding your own bike provides a familiar and comfortable experience, ensuring that you can fully enjoy your cycling adventures. Hiring a Shok Box from Turbo Trainer Hire allows cyclists to have the best of both worlds—traveling with their own bikes without the logistical challenges.

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Added Value to the Customer Experience: Pursue Boundaries innovative approach adds value to the customer experience. They understand that not everyone has ample space for a bike box or the means to transport it to the airport. By offering bike case rentals and a collection service from their warehouse, they remove these barriers and make it convenient for cyclists to embark on their journeys. This initiative shows their commitment to thinking “outside the box” and providing practical solutions to enhance customer satisfaction.

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Leading the Way:

Shokbox’s reputation for producing durable and reliable bike cases ensures that cyclists can trust the equipment they rent from Turbo Trainer Hire. The collaboration between these two companies showcases their dedication to supporting the cycling community and offering exceptional services. Read our Shokbox review.

Expanding the Possibilities: Turbo Trainer Hire can add value to the customers experience and make traveling with bikes more accessible and enjoyable for cyclists worldwide. The collaboration between Turbo Trainer Hire and ShokBox is a prime example of how such initiatives can transform the cycling industry.

Conclusion: Hiring a ShokBox means cyclists no longer need to leave their bikes behind when going overseas on a cycling trip. ShokBox and Turbo Trainer Hire make it possible to conveniently transport and protect bikes, ensuring that cyclists can have their own trusted equipment while exploring new destinations.

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Experience the convenience and freedom of traveling with your own bike by exploring Turbo Trainer Hires’ bike case rental services.

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