How much does a Shokbox weigh?

The weight is approx. 12.5 kg, Keep in mind that baggage allowances tend to vary between airlines, it’s always wise to check with your carrier before travelling.

Will I need additional insurance?

We always recommend taking out additional insurance to the maximum value of your bike before travelling.

What bikes will it accommodate?

Shokbox is designed for transporting road, mountain, and tri bikes (full carbon disc wheel limitation).

What colours are available?

The box comes in a choice of 8 colours – see our website for all the colours available.

What frame size will Shokbox accommodate?

The box will accommodate most frame sizes. Some larger frames (over 62cm) may require additional dismantling.

What’s the GPS battery life?

The battery lasts 15 days between charges and comes with a third party global tracking platform with app.

How do I charge the battery for GPS?

The GPS unit is accessible from inside your case and will automatically switch into flight mode upon take-off.

Are there any restrictions for use?

The Shokbox will not accommodate a carbon disc wheel in its current format.

Do I need to use the wheel bags?

Wheel bags are not essential for packing your case.

What are the case dimensions?

L 120cm H 90 cm W 33 cm – Shokbox is designed to comfortably fit into most small to medium hatchbacks, rear seats may need to be folded flat to accommodate. It will also fit into the boot of space of most saloon cars with the rear seats folded down.
Dismantling and packing *(see instructional video)
Minimal dismantling is required, although some larger frames may require additional dismantling, e.g., handlebars, seat post and, in extreme cases chain set or fork assembly.

What warranty will I get?

Shokbox comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

What are the benefits of TSA latches?

TSA latches were created to help improve security for passengers on flights to and from America. A division of Homeland Security, the TSA create and implement various security measures and checks for passengers, including the screening of luggage.

Will disc brakes fit in?

Shokbox will accommodate disc brakes, through axle, 29R wheels and oversize tyres.