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The Shokbox Pro: Embracing New Bike Tech in a Changing Market


We live in a world obsessed with pushing boundaries, and why wouldn’t we? It’s in our nature. Especially when it comes to technology, and our beloved cycling industry doesn’t lag. With shiny new additions like hydraulic disc brakes, electronic gears, integrated cables, and now the fully integrated cockpits, the face of bike design is evolving, and it’s about time! But there’s a hiccup. Our trusty old bike cases seem a tad outdated in this new era, struggling to fit these modern marvels snuggly. This post? It’s all about the journey, the “why” and “how” behind the Shokbox Pro‘s birth. We’ll uncover how it rose to meet the changing bike tech and the ever-shifting market dynamics.

The Modern-Day Cyclist and the Rise in Their Expectations

Modern-day cyclist. Sounds grand. But aren’t we all just pedalling the same iconic climbs and routes that our fellow enthusiasts were conquering 40 years ago? So, what’s changed? Well, a lot! But let me tease out two major shifts for now: our insatiable hunger for the finest kit performance and our quest for ultimate convenience. WE’VE BEEN HOT ON THEIR TRAIL since TEAM SKY burst onto the scene and Sir Dave Brailsford began his mission for those tantalising marginal gains. Tweaking our bikes, obsessing over the slightest performance gains, and decking ourselves out with the best kit money can buy. And, like in every aspect of our lives, we yearn for simplicity. Why should our cycling adventures be any more complex than they need to be? But traditional cases are puffing behind as bikes advance, trying to catch up.

The Challenges Faced with Modern Bikes

The big names in bike manufacturing all seem to be singing the same tune – disc brakes, integrated brake hoses, electronic shifting, and those swanky, fully integrated cockpits on their top-tier bikes. Road bikes, TT bikes, gravel bikes – everyone’s joining the party. Why the fuss about these specific upgrades? Because, my friend, these features can turn packing a bike into a nail-biting thriller. Not all of us have “bike mechanic” on our resumes, and the mere thought of bleeding those hydraulic brake lines or pulling apart our prized possessions for a trip… let’s say the struggle is real. Clearly, this tech isn’t backing down, so we thought: why not craft a solution that dances elegantly with these advancements?

The Birth of Innovation

Flashback to 2017: We proudly rolled out the Shokbox Classic, but there was a bigger dream in our hearts – a case for triathletes. After all, cycling’s just one-third of their athletic world. It dawned on us; knowing how to ride doesn’t mean one’s adept at bike dismantling. The ambition was clear: design a case where TT bikes felt at home without chucking the base bars. Fast-forward to 2019, at the bustling London Bike Show in the Excel Arena. Shokbox’s very own Martin Greene, with a dedicated crew of our team, our lead designer, and the esteemed Ironman and triathlon coach Joe Beer, laid the groundwork. The aim? To bring that dream to life. As the discussions flowed, an epiphany struck – this wasn’t just for triathletes. With a front-row seat to the unfolding bike revolution, our Shokbox Pro project morphed, evolving into the versatile gem it is today. Think of it as a bike case for the masses, where packing your two-wheeler is as breezy as folding up your favourite tee.