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By Mat Brett Review Shokbox 

review shokbox, and Others  Review Shokbox, Shokbox

The Shokbox Premium is a tough box that comes with a tracking system for locating your bike during air travel. Although it’s a heavy option that might push you over weight limits with some carriers. It’s not actually in stock until mid-December, but Shokbox is taking orders in the meantime and discounts of 30 per cent are available on both the Premium and the Classic (more details below).

  • Pros: Strong construction, good latches, manoeuvrable
  • Cons: A little heavier than rivals, LugLoc adds to the price

The Shokbox is made in the UK from ‘a unique blend of polyethene’, according to the manufacturer. It’s tough stuff. We have, of course, flying with the box as part of the review process and it has come through relatively unscathed. We can’t be sure how much baggage handler abuse it was subjected to behind the scenes, so we dished out some of our own. Lobbing it about and stacking other boxes on top just to check its strength. Don’t tell Shokbox but we also gave this bike box a whacking with a rubber mallet. It seems like a reasonable simulation of the sort of ill-treatment that’s meted out in airports.

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review shokbox, and Others  Review Shokbox, Shokbox

Lock ‘n’ roll

The Classic ShokBox — which isn’t made from such a high grade of plastic — is secured shut with simple TSA locking latches, while the Premium bike box version that we have here comes with the addition of two TSA combination locking latches. This means that you can lock the box but that the authorities at the airport can open it without causing damage if they want to check what’s inside, and re-lock it afterwards.

review shokbox, and Others  Review Shokbox, Shokbox

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Road CC First Look & Review Shokbox 

Dave takes a look at the new Shokbox hard case bike box UK pre kickstarter launch in 2017. The campaign went on to raise 130% of our funding target.


Cycling Pulse Took Another Look Review Shokbox 


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How do you travel with your pride and joy? After a long search of the best travel cases available, this one was the one I took a chance on after not seeing one before. Incredible attention to detail and packed with design features. Recessed latches, luggage tag slot, wheel bags, straps, 3 foams, good handles and castors. Even GPS if you want. Robust, UK made and well made! Any Vaaru owners please contact me if you’re thinking of purchasing a travel case, we’ll look after you. Well done @shokboxuk you have a great product! £549 for this model. #vaarucycles #quality #tibike #bespoke #travel #bikebox #robust #luggage #bike #box #wellmade #madeinuk #protection #airport #cyclist #ride #abroad

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If you’re travelling with your bike by train or plane you need to make sure it’s properly protected in transit.

If it turns up damaged, at best you’ll end up with piles of yawnsome insurance paperwork once you get home, while at worst your well-earned bike break will be wrecked before it even begins.

Katie Butler’s Review Of The ShokBox  AKA Katie Kookaburra


Katie Butler has an amazing story of how she got into serious cycling events. It was back in 2014 and on holiday in Australia when she decided that rather than spend her money on shark cage diving she bought a bike instead. She then rode around Australia and South East Asia struggling to do a mere 15k ride but then was up to doing rides around the 60k mark. Now Katie is a formidable cyclist and now four years later, I have lost a lot of weight cycling and now love endurance riding. My longest ride was just over 407km and I also recently rode Land’s End to John O’Groats and from San Francisco to Los Angeles. I am also getting into racing too and have some 1000km+ rides planned for 2019.

Lets see Katie Butlers review of Shokbox 

You can watch more of Katies adventures on her YouTube Channel 

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The best dollar I spent in Aus. ⁣ It was 43C! ⁣ ⁣ I’m now about to head out in 3C ❄️⁣ ⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ #australia slushy #cycling #outdoorsisfree

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Although soft-shell bike bags offer a lightweight option for those on limited budgets. Our advice has always been to opt for a highly protective hard-shell case whenever you’re transporting your bike.

Not all bike boxes are created equal, however. So here we guide you through what Brit firm Shokbox offers with its products so you’ll know what features to look for when making this essential investment… 

review shokbox, and Others  Review Shokbox, Shokbox

1. All Shokbox models – including the Classic, the Premium and the forthcoming Professional – use highly durable yet lightweight polypropylene for the outer casing.

Shokbox’s design then pushes this protection to the next level with features such as rounded, reinforced edges. These minimise the effects of impacts in the areas where they’re most likely to occur. 

2. Once your bike is partially disassembled – a case of quickly removing its wheels, pedals, seatpost and bars  – there’s plenty to keep the outside world from getting in.

A central support, for example, is integral to the case’s anti-crush properties, and is strong enough to help keep the case’s walls apart even if a full-grown man stood on the case while it was laid flat. 

3. Further internal anti-crush protection comes in the form of thick foam pads. Two sit between the outer walls of the case and the bike frame and wheels.

A third is then sandwiched between the frame and wheels.  

4. Your seatpost and pedals get their own carry sack. 

5. Your wheels get their own bags, which are then securely strapped into the case’s lid. 

6. There’s also plenty of room for your helmet, shoes, and any other cycling clothing. 

review shokbox, and Others  Review Shokbox, Shokbox

7. Stainless-steel castors provide extra clearance and mobility for gliding through airports.

8. Theft deterrents include an in-built GPS chip (trackable via dedicated app) plus lockable TSA combination latches.

All cases can hold frames up to 62cm, and come in a blaze of different colours – so yours will be instantly recognisable when it emerges unscathed at baggage reclaim. (first Published

Shokbox Review by  King Of The Ride / Holiday Gift Guide 

Let’s call a spade a spade; traveling with a bike is a pain in the ass. ShokBox is a British company that’s made traveling with a bike a considerably less awful experience. I’m 6’2” and ride a 58cm bike. I have complete appreciation for the bike bag companies that allow you to disassemble your bike and not get charged an arm and a leg, but given how much I travel, I prefer to keep the disassembly as brief as possible. Furthermore, the go-to check-in line of “Umm, these are display materials” no longer works in duping the kindly person behind the desk.

Every check-in agent knows that it’s a bike even before they saw your helmet dangling from your backpack. The protection in a ShokBox is second to none, the four wheeled, infinite steering capabilities make it truly enjoyable to roll through an airport, and you can travel with peace of mind that your bike will arrive safe and sound. Not inexpensive, but neither is your bike. (First Published King Of The Ride )


Review by Cycling Pulse On Shokbox 

The Guys at Cycling Pulse loved it when they gave it the once over in their first look give-away

“The ShokBox GPS bike case is a great way to keep your bike safe and sound in transit and the GPS tracking makes it almost impossible to lose.


Im Bike Mag Review of Shokbox 

Ever had your beloved bike smashed to pieces by inconsiderate baggage handlers, or worried that it might get lost in transition? The ShokBox could be the hard case solution to all of your bike holiday problems. Are all hard bike cases created equal? No we don’t think they are 

Whether planning an extended cycling trip overseas or simply seeking ways to keep a treasured bicycle safe and secure with minimal fuss. The ShokBox bike protection system has the ideal solution to suit.

Ultra Durable Bike Box 

This compact, ultra-durable bike box is designed to meet the needs of even the most demanding cycling adventures. Helping bikes stay completely protected no matter what. Available in a range of specialisations from Classic, to Premium, to Professional. The ShokBox is perfect bikebox for cycling enthusiasts of all skill levels, offering crucial peace of mind and preventing any damage to kit in transit.

“All avid cyclists face the concern of travelling abroad with their bikes,” says Martin Greene, Founder and Designer of Shokbox. “We want to enjoy the adventure of riding challenging new landscapes and terrains, without worrying about our expensive kit being damaged in transit. Most transportation products are difficult to manoeuvre, difficult to assemble, and frankly just not up to the job. Shokbox is different – protecting bikes from all of the most common travel conditions cyclists face.”

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Today I experienced the best customer service EVER. So, I’m in the market for a new bike box, I looked around on Instagram for some different options this morning and I spot one that a few of my friends have recommended recently @shokbox I drop them a line to see if they have any pink ones in stock and if there were any deals to be done. I heard back almost instantly and got some good info on the product and sure enough there was a pink one available! I head off to Bicycle to pick up my newly serviced bike and then to Richmond Park for training. I head home (in kit and fetching socks / sliders combo) and meet the owner of @shokbox with a brand new shiny pink box for me! 💗💗💗 He just happened to be near the area so hand delivered. Now I don’t think he can guarantee this sort of service and same day delivery every time but bloody hell, I’m impressed 😂😂😂 Thank you SO much Martin, I’ll put it to use instantly. My pink bike is going to come to America with me tomorrow. Mega excited about that!!! Should probably change out of my kit and have a shower now……

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My bike is in da house safe & sound thanks to @shokbox ✈️🚲 ! And yes, I have a 🏠. After 1 year wandering around 🏕️ I rented an apartment by the Mediterranean sea. All those who hosted me last year, feel free to come whenever. Also the rest of you. I will always have a hot cup of coffee, a bed and time to share a sunrise or a sunset in front of my new house. I just mounted my bike and after 3 weeks without doing any physical activity due to an injury, I have already planned a short 3-days bikepacking trip for the next days with @komoot 🚲 . . . #shokbox #komoot #komootapp #3T #3Tbike #ExploreCycling #BeFirst #3Tcrew #3Texploro #ExploroLTD #allroadbike #211cycles #renehersetires #silcavelo

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Half asleep and totally exhausted if im totally honest, these last few weeks have been so hard trying to balance my life and failing l!! A heatwave making my business super busy which is awesome but hard work and training hard for this race has been a challenge but i stood at the airport this morning with my bike, in my GB 🇬🇧 jacket and thought bloody hell, im doing this! and im proud as i could possibly be to wear this kit and give it everything ive got to make those that support and believe in me proud too. Here goes nothing 🏊‍♀️🚴‍♀️💨💨 . . . #teamgb #agegroup #multisport #aquabike #highfivefyn #denmark #shokbox #takeyourbike #swimbike #thisgirlcan #proud #believe #icandothis #triathlon #triathlete #tri #swimbikerun #travel #explore #dowhatyoulove #cycle #cyclist #shutuplegs #racehard #keepgoing

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