how to get your bike onto a jet2 flight

Travelling With your Bike On A Jet2 Flight

Step 1: Add bike carriage

It’s easy to add 32kg bike carriage to your booking! Simply add at the time of booking, pick up later through Manage My Booking or speak to one of our helpful travel experts. Travelling in a group of ten or more? One in four bikes go free. Ideally they should be packed in a hard bike box.

Step 2: Pack and insure your bike

We’ve got you totally covered, with 32kg luggage allowance for your bike, plus 22kg for your holiday essentials. All you’ve got to do is rock up at the airport, with your bike packed up. Before you fly, make sure all of your equipment is adequately insured.

Step 3: Bike carriage drop at airport 

The moment you set foot in the airport, you’ll see our friendly Customer Helpers, who’ll be on hand to assist you with anything you may need. At this point, you’ll part with the pedals, and we’ll take your bike for safe keeping before you touch down in your destination.

Step 4: Safe and secure bike loading

Our team will look after and safely load your bikes. They’ll be transported to the aircraft, then loaded and stowed on board while you enjoy the flight. That means you can plan your routes and fuel-up with in-flight meals, knowing you’ve got peace of mind.

Additional Charges

Our Jet2 checked baggage allowance means you can book up to three bags of up to 22kg per person (excluding infants), per flight. Any baggage that exceeds your total weight allowance will be carried subject to availability and at our discretion. You will also need to pay an excess baggage fee, which is £12 per kg.

Please note that no single item of baggage may weigh more than 32kg.

When pre-booking your bags, the charge per bag is variable depending on your destination, and on whether you make your booking through our website, Call Centre, or at the airport. If you want to check in an additional item at the airport on the day of departure, you’ll need to pay a fee of £45 per item, plus any applicable excess baggage fees.

in the airport with the shokbox bike box

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