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A Cyclist Guide To The Mallorca 312

a mountain scene of the Mallorca 312 event, in the top left there I blue sky, the rest is barren mountains with some greenery. there is a road following the contour of the mountains and you can see the cyclists racing down hill on that road

This is an event more for the participants rather than the spectator. The Mallorca 312 is a chance for an enthusiastic cyclist to get in on the action in a stunning location with other amateur cyclists. You do have the option of racing over 3 different distances but it’s not for the faint hearted.

The options on the cycle race are, 167km, 225km and of course why the event is called Mallorca 312 is because the ultimate race distance is 312 kilometres.

To compete in this event you need to be able to be riding at a overall constant pace of 20-23KPM. They may not seem to difficult but you have to factor in that in the first 50k you will be climbing above 800 meters. After that there are quite a few 300m + climbs, so if you still think its for you lets look at the race.

Pro Tip: Demand now far outstrips ticket allocation, rather than trying to enter the race as an individual book through a Tour Operator. The large Tour Operators are allocated tickets for the event, so register your interest as soon as possible (as soon as the event finishes register for the next years event) This will also ensure you have accommodation for the event as rooms also become scarce.

Andy Cook

Around 8000+ people register for the event each year and in 2023 all the places were sold out in 10 hours.

Training For The Event

Pro Tip: The event itself is an endurance bike ride and as such the best preparation is to ensure that you have plenty of miles in the legs before undertaking the challenge. Being held in April it ‘s an event that is relatively early in the season and as such many participants may not be as fit as they think they are for such a tough challenge, particularly after a tough winter. The early part of the ride, whatever distance you choose, is where the majority of the climbing takes place in the Tramuntana mountains. Practicing long steady hill climbs at a ‘steady’ intensity will be the secret to success. Riding at a consistent and sustainable pace. Similarly, some of the descents can be fairly technical and as such IF you are not practised at riding in a big bunch then far better to back off and to take it easy rather than career recklessly downhill

Andy Cook

Booking For The Mallorca 312

Signing up for the event is a simple process, you just go online to the official site and book like any other event (Link in Sidebar)

They will prompt you to tick a check box for the distance you want to race. It is not compulsory to pick any distance when booking, we advise not to pick any and then see how the ride goes on the day. If the ride is going well and you are within the time constraints and you’re filing good you can keep going to complete the next distance.

Registration Includes

screen shot of what you get when you register for the Mallorca 312 (it is a cycling event) and you get, Before

Goodie bag
Official jersey
Drink station
Food station
Exhibitor fair
Live music
Area food and beverage, On the road

Roads closed off to traffic
The three courses are all signposted
Drink station
Food statio
Mechanical support at the aid stations
Timing service
Support vehicle, At the finish line

Medal for all finishers
Digital diploma with the result
Pasta Party
Free massage and physiotherapy service
Exhibitor fair

Getting Your Race Number

The race usually takes place on a Saturday and you can collect your race number on the Thursday or Friday before the race. It’s a simple relaxed process, just show your paper work for the number and some ID and then you get your official number plate.

Displaying Your Race Number

We advise that you place your number plate on the front of your bike (handlebars) as suggested by the event organisers. This is because if you do not have visible bicycle bib number then you could be excluded from the event, secondly there is a chip in the number plate recording your times.

Finally if you want any photographs of the event with you in the frame your bicycle bib number needs to be seen. (Cable ties may come in useful)

Race Day

The event starts at 6.30am and you need to be over the start line around 7am. We highly recommend that you get to the start of the race an hour to an hour and half. If you are attempting the longer distances 225, 312 then get to the line even earlier, 2 hours at least.

The reason being is that there could be as many as 8000 participants and if you don’t get over the start line pretty quickly then you are in danger of missing the time cut off points for the longer distances.

A well deserved rest at the Mallorca 312

Tips For Race day

It’s early morning, and the sun is just beginning to rise and it depends year to year how warm it is going to be. While you are sat on your bike waiting for the event to start, trust me you will feel the cold. If you have a partner there on race day it’s fine you can wear a jacket and then hand the jacket over before the race starts.

If you do not have anyone to handover your jacket what do you do? The common practice in the Mallorca 312 is to buy a jumper, jacket, something to keep you warm from a charity shop. When the race starts throw your charity purchase to the side of the track. Don’t worry about leaving the clothes roadside because once all the competitors have left the start line all the clothes are collected and given back to the charities.

Start Gates (Filter by Colour)

Your start gate colour is the one that is on your bicycle bib number plate. Typically the majority are blue and this is where most of the competitors start from. If you are lucky then you may get a different colour plate, pink or yellow.

The difference in the other start gates is that they get to set off earlier than the main group.

two cyclists wearing the official jersey’s

The Official Jersey

Do you have to race in the official Jersey? at the moment it is around 50/50 of people wearing the official jersey and people wearing there own. There was talk for the 2024 race that the jersey would become compulsory, however it was not mandatory.

Getting Your Bike To The Event

We presume from experience if you are entering the Mallorca 312 you will be riding your own cycle. Of course we recommend you transport your bike in our bike box, Shokbox.

Pro Tip: One of the biggest issues since Brexit is transporting bikes to Europe as Carnets are now needed if the owner of the bike is not travelling with their own machine. Many of the companies that used to offer this service have stopped for that reason. It’s not a difficult process to get a Carnet but it does involve some form filling and a cost.

Andy Cook

Bikes On Planes

For an event of this magnitude it is a massive cycle influx into Mallorca which creates some logistical issues for the airlines. Andy has his own Pro Tips for this problem.

Pro Tip: Bikes on planes to Mallorca are very common and generally work well. However, Airlines appear at times to have limits on the number of bikes that they can transport at any one time and as such bikes do often get left behind and put onto the next available flight. Flying the day before the challenge, along with 1000’s of others is a tricky one…….. If flying, I would recommend at least a couple of days before the challenge to provide time for your bike to be forwarded on should it not make the initial flight 

Andy Cook

Cut Off Times For The Distances

The cut-off time at the finish line for the different distances will be as follows: 5.0 pm for the 167 km and 225 km and 8.40 pm for the 312 km.
Similarly, different intermediate cut-off times will be established along the route, clearly indicated on the website’s course guide. This course guide can be consulted on the event’s website. It shows the maximum pass-through time and the minimum average speed for each distance and at the intermediate points.
Any participant who does not achieve the minimum pace stipulated in the course guide, or who is overtaken by the ‘End of Race’ vehicle, is deemed to be out of the race. At that moment, the participant will be able to use the broom wagon. 

312 Rules

Do note that if you do not reach the check points for the longer routes in their desired times then the longer routes (225, 312) will be closed. NOTE the cut of point times are from when the race starts at 6.30am and NOT when you cross the start line.

Polkadot Jersey Riders

The Polkadot Jersey’s

These are a bunch of riders who are pacemakers for the longer distances. These riders are pretty intense and rapid so if they come past you, you need to keep with them. If you don’t keep the pace then you will be in danger of not being able to attempt the 312 distance.

You are welcome to sit behind these riders and draft, you need to be with them at around the 220km mark just before get to the 312 route. Once you pass this checkmark the polkadot jersey’s ease of the pace a little. That doesn’t mean you can totally relax because you still have another 92 kilometres to go.

Aid Stations / Water Stops

there are several aid stations along the way and you need to be aware that even if you do not stop they will slow you down. The very first aid station is that busy that the bicycles and people spill over onto the track. It can be difficult to navigate through the people waiting to top up the water bottles.

We advise that you do mist the first aid station and stop at the second. They do thin out as you get further down the course.

Remember, your time is still ticking while you’re at the stops so refuel and keep going as quick as possible.


If the water stations the other options are the local shops along the route. They also sell sandwiches and other snacks but beware. Do not totally rely on the shops because they often run out of food and drink.


There are toilets along the route, most male riders just stop at the roadside. However, if you are a female rider your toilets are a little bit scarcer and could take up valuable time queuing.

Event Details

Official Website



Number Of Days

1 days



Costs (Race Entry)

2024 Entry Price = 145 Euros

Race Insurance = 12 Euros

Packages From £700+


Euro: 1 = £0.86 (Check)

Visa Requirements


Schengen Area Advice

Travel Mallorca


What is a Carnet, The ATA Carnet, often referred to as the “Passport for goods”, is an international customs document that permits the tax-free and duty-free temporary export and import of nonperishable goods for up to one year

Hotel Cost

Range: ££ – £££££

Food Cost

££ – £££££


  • Average Temp (Feb): -1 to 3C
  • Hours of Sunlight: 8 to 10 hours
  • Average Rain: 20 to 50mm (Chances Of Snow)


  • Daily
  • Cost: £ – £££

Travel Advice

UK Gov

Useful Info

More Cycling Events

As a competitor in the MALLORCA 312, here are the key points you need to know:
  • Date and Time: The event starts at 6:30 am on Saturday, with the last participant expected to start by 7:00 am.
  • Location: Platja de Muro, Mallorca.
  • Routes: Three options are available – 312 km, 225 km, and 167 km, all starting and finishing at the same location.
  • Cut-off Times: 5:00 pm for the 167 km and 225 km routes, and 8:40 pm for the 312 km route. Intermediate cut-off times will also be enforced along the routes.


  • Eligibility: Open to cyclists over 18, or over 15 with parental consent.
  • Registration: Must register for the event and can choose any of the three routes during the race without notifying the organizers.
  • Roads: The race takes place on roads closed to traffic.

Rules and Safety

  • Compliance: The event is regulated by the RFEC and follows general traffic regulations.
  • Safety: Participants must wear a cycling helmet, and only conventional road bikes are allowed.
  • Environment: Participants are responsible for not littering and respecting the environment.

Obligations and Prohibitions

  • Bib and Chip: Mandatory registration, bib, and chip for time control. Bib numbers must be visible.
  • Prohibitions: Being towed by a vehicle, having accompanying vehicles, and violating traffic regulations will lead to exclusion.

Support and Services

  • Refreshments: Provided along the route and at the finish line.
  • Medical Services: Available throughout the race, with emergency contact numbers provided.
  • Mechanical Assistance: Offered at refreshment posts, with participants responsible for the cost of replacement parts.

Additional Information

  • Prizes: Awards for top finishers, youngest and oldest participants.
  • Image Rights: Participation grants the organizers the right to use participants’ images for promotional purposes.
  • Data Protection: Personal data will be processed in accordance with GDPR.


  • Violations of the rules, such as not respecting highway code, safety instructions, or littering, will result in penalties including disqualification and potential future bans.

Consent and Acknowledgment

  • By registering, participants acknowledge they have read and agreed to all terms and conditions, including waiving certain rights and assuming responsibility for risks.

Pro Tips By Andy Cook

Andy is Vice Chairman of British Cycling and also runs Andy Cook Cycling. Andy has cycled the Mallorca 312, four + times so he has the insider knowledge. We would like to thank him for the Pro Tips because we know he is busy organising cycling events and taking part in charity events.