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Bike Box Rentals 

 Why rent a bike box you may ask. It may be your first international cycling trip and you are not quite ready to make the investment. At Shokbox we understand that an investment in a good bike box is not always an easy decision. That is why we offer our Shokbox bike box hire service and we are sure that once you have tried our bike box hire you will never look at another. When you hire our bike box you know that your cycle will be secure with our TSA approved luggage lock


 Our bike box rental starts at £XXX per day and gives you peace of mind that your cycle is safe and secure. Hiring a bike box for your first trip is the way to go before investing in your very own bike box. Cycling holidays take a little more planning than your regular holiday if you want to get the best from them. In my experience it is much better if you plan all your rides in principal before you reach your destination. Remember the climate is more likely to be more humid and the air much thinner so plan wisely. If it your first time on a cycling holiday I would even consider planning some rest days into your schedule.  

Bike Box Rental Periods 

 The standard time a bike box hire is either 1 week or a 2 week period but we understand there are always differences. Of course you want your bike hire box before you go away so you can ensure its securely packed away. Then if you have clocked up hundreds on miles whilst on your international cycling trip you are probably going to be exhausted. Rather than getting stressed about returning your bike box hire. Ensure you have planned well to return it the day after you return. Read this handy guide on flying with your bike.

Cycling Holidays 

 If you haven’t even planned where you would like to have a cycling take a look at these killer cycling destination. They just may give you some inspiration of where you want to go next. Remember plan you trips well, ensure tag fuel stops (food) are considered as well. Also protein snacks to eat whilst you are in the saddle, are they available in the destination your are going to. If not then you need to plan this into your bag weight. Or simply stuff your bike box full of them. We want to ensure that with your bike box hire you get the most out of your tour.  With all our experience in international cycling holidays we are always happy to give advice. Give us a call at Shokbox for your bike box hire.

East Midlands local bike shop 

West Bridgford Bicycle workshop

West Bridgford Bicycle workshop a Nottingham based shop just added three of our new bike cases to their fleet. They exclusively hire Shokbox to their customers and as well as creating a regular income stream from bike box rentals, they have also created further opportunity for a secondary spend when customers come to collect e.g., tubes, tyres, nutrition, cleaning products and other incidentals like brake pads chains and on occasion a service. The rental market has also directed new customers to their site.