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Bicycle Insurance Do You Need It?

Does the law require bicycle insurance? No, you do not have to purchase cycle insurance. However, at Shokbox, we recommend that if you are a regular cyclist, you should have insurance coverage specifically for your bike.

This article will cover why it’s a must.

What Do I Need To Provide To Get Cycle insurance? 

  1. A receipt to prove the value of the cycle 
  2. Postcode (some do ask for the address)
  3. Date of birth 

The below insurance coverage is not guaranteed to be part of a policy. Each insurer differs, so read the small print because you may need to add additional cover to the standard policy. 

Can I Use My House Insurance?

This question gets asked a lot, and some home insurance policies cover the bicycle, but there are limitations. Most home contents usually do not include insurance policies for bikes and accessories. Home insurance will not give you public liability coverage.

What is public liability coverage?

Public liability cover provides financial protection for an individual or business if they cause injury to another person or damage to someone else’s property. In the context of cycle insurance, public liability coverage typically applies when a cyclist is riding their bicycle and causes injury or damage to another person or their property.

For example, if a cyclist collides with a pedestrian and causes them to fall and be injured, public liability insurance would cover any medical expenses or legal fees associated with the incident. Similarly, public liability insurance would cover the cost of repairs if a cyclist damages someone else’s property, such as a parked car.

Public liability insurance protects against the financial consequences of accidental injury or damage caused by the policyholder and can provide peace of mind for individuals and businesses. It’s important to note that not all cycle insurance policies include public liability coverage, so it’s a good idea to carefully review the coverage offered by a policy before purchasing it to ensure that it meets your needs and expectations.

Accidental Damage 

Accidental damage cover on a cycle insurance policy will cover the costs to repair or replace a bicycle if it is damaged. For example, if you lost control and your bike hit a curb and bent a wheel.

Loss and Theft

Theft cover is a widespread cycle insurance policy benefit that protects you if your insured bike is stolen. However, this simple part of the insurance has many clauses. You need a Sold Secure Silver Rating lock if your cycle value is less than a thousand pounds. Above a thousand pounds, then you need a Sold Secure Gold Rating lock. 

Another clause is the type of locks you need on the house, garage, or shed you are storing the cycle. Doors must be locked by a minimum 5-lever Mortice lock, a CEN Grade 3 closed shackle padlock, or a Chubb deadlock must be in operation on the door. 

If you make a claim, you will be requested to provide the key to the lock and the broken lock itself. You may also be asked for the receipt of the lock to ensure it meets the guidelines.

Most policies have abandonment clauses; if you breach them, they will not pay out on the claim.

Bicycle theft statistics

Personal Accident 

This cover usually pays a benefit for the more severe injuries that could happen to you due to an accident while riding your bike.

Competition Cover

For triathletes and cycle competition enthusiasts, cycle insurance policies often provide additional cover if your cycle is damaged or lost during a race. This cover will suit your needs if you’re a keen, competitive cyclist.

Legal Expenses 

Legal expense cover will usually cover your legal costs, including court and solicitor fees, if you need professional help or advice if a dispute arises.

Worldwide Cover

Many cycle insurance policies offer worldwide coverage as an optional add-on to a UK policy. There are often exclusions for countries with a UK government travel advisory warning people about visiting. These are usually limited to 90 days abroad and remember to take your bike in our cycle box.

Cycling Accessories 

It’s relatively common to have cycle accessories covered in place in your cycle insurance policy. This can cover loss and damage to any number of things, including helmets, bike locks and sometimes even cycle clothing. As always, check your policy wording for specifics before you buy.

What would void my claim?

If you’ve taken out bike insurance, make sure you know the policy exclusions to prevent voiding your cover or the rejection of a claim. The most common exclusions are:

  • If you use your bike for monetary gains, such as being a cycle courier. (unless you inform the insurance company that you will be using it for this purpose)
  • Any loss where you cannot prove you own the bike, so retain the sale receipt.
  • Cosmetic damage won’t be covered – scratches and dents that don’t affect how the bike rides are not covered, for example.
  • Any damage to accessories, like tyres or mudguards, unless the bike itself is damaged at the same time
  • Theft of your bike when you have not secured your bike properly
  • Any accidents that may happen under the influence of drugs or alcohol will void your claim.

Making A Claim: Do You Have Everything That Is Needed

  • Your Cycling Insurance policy number and documents.
  • Details of what happened with supporting evidence, like images of the damage to your bicycle. Any damage reports, witness statements, etc.
  • Details of any other vehicles, people, or property involved.
  • Contact details of any witnesses.
  • Crime reference number, if applicable.


There are lots of companies specialising in just bicycle insurance who can give you good deals. However, a lot of the big insurance companies do now offer separate bike insurance. You could try the comparison site but not all insurance companies will be on them. 

FAQ Bicycle Insurance 

By law do you have to have bicycle insurance to ride on a public road

No you do not have a legal requirement to have bicycle insurance 

Is it worth insuring your bike 

If you spend a lot of time cycling then we believe that it is worth insuring the bike

Can a cycle be included in my home contents insurance 

Yes it can but it only covers the basics and it will not cover you for accidents or public liability 

What is the cost of bike insurance 

You can get bike insurance for as little as £2 per month. However, that is just very basic cover, we recommend shopping around because the cost of the bike and time in the saddle will vary the cost of insurance.

What happens if you don’t have bike insurance

Nothing unless you become involved in an accident. Then all damages to you, to your bike and any other property will be at your own expense. 

What is not covered in bike insurance 

There are lots of clauses in bike insurance and each company differs. It is best to read all of the policy so you know exactly what cover you have.