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How to Protect Your Belongings from Baggage Handlers

We all saw the viral video of Manchester airport baggage handlers that hit the internet last year. Many people were shocked at just how rough and uncaring these people were with other belongings. Literally chucking and throwing suitcases around. Some of which were falling to the concrete floor. It’s little wonder that many of our new and shiny suitcases come back from a flight so dirty and scraped. You need a Bike Box from Shokbox

This is all very well if your luggage is just your holiday shorts and swimwear. However, when you choose to travel with precious cargo, such as your bike, the idea that someone could be so rough with your belongings is frankly alarming.

So how do you protect your bike while travelling by plane?

Protecting Your Bike While Travelling by Air

Unfortunately for bike enthusiasts, your bike is too big to either bring on a plane as hand luggage nor is it small enough to fit in your suitcase. Meaning you’re going to have to be more creative when it comes to travelling by air.

Some people will simply cover their bike in bubble wrap or cushioning. They believe this to be enough to protect their bike through a flight. In some cases, this will be fine, especially if you have good, courteous baggage handlers on all legs of your journey.

In reality, though, baggage handlers are often inundated with work, having to move large amounts of baggage in very short spaces of time. So, it’s likely that your bike will be chucked both on and off of your plane. It may even be crushed under other people’s baggage. In this case your bubble wrap is going to do little to protect your bike. You need a hard bike box

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Ease Your Mind by Investing in a Shokbox

The reality is, a bike can be a major investment. Especially if you’ve taken the time to upgrade yours or even build it from scratch. The likelihood is, your bike will have cost you not only thousands of pounds. It will also have taken a lot of personal time and energy to get it to where it is today. Even forgetting the money, we have emotional attachments with our bikes. These bikes are associated with happy and fulfilling times in our lives. Of course meaning we would be devastated if they got damaged on a flight.

By investing in a Shok Box, you can be safe in the knowledge that your bike is safe and secure – no matter how rough the handlers are. The tough, durable materials of your Shok Box will cushion your bike away from any damage. Each box utilises clever seminal technology, which suspends your frame and wheels in an amniotic-like cavity for the ultimate protection.

Even better, your Shokbox has been designed with air travel in mind. Your box comes with both GPS tracking and TSA-approved latches. This means you’ll know exactly where your bike is at all times and you can feel safe in the knowledge that if your bike is opened, agents can use a master key and re-secure your bike when finished. Shokbox the hard bike box

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