Shok_box_bike case

The Case For The Defence

Source: thewashingmachinepost\ Things happen at airports that probably shouldn’t happen. However they do, silly stuff that really ought not to occur and often results in very expensive repair bills. But with so many people involved in servicing inbound and outbound aircraft. Then coupled with the pressure to have aeroplanes remain on the ground for as […]

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shokbox-pro- airport -baggage-claim

A British innovator and entrepreneur gets set to take the cycling transportation market by storm with ShokBox

“My innovation may not change the world, but it will certainly change our world” Many laughed at Dyson when he set out to disrupt the vacuum cleaner market. Equally many thought Steve Jobs a lunatic by bringing together a camera, telephone, portable music platform and email. Now, Brit innovator and Entrepreneur Martin Greene gets set […]

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