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As lifelong cyclists, we have developed a passion for travelling overseas with our bikes.  Most bike cases on the market didn’t give the confidence that our precious cargo would be safe and secure once in the hands of the airline baggage handlers.  We found that most offerings were just adequate with little or no attention to design or engineering!

Over a cold beer in the pub, the beginnings of Shokbox started to form……

For three years, we worked with some of the UK’s best engineers and product designers. We set out to rethink the future of bike cases. We looked at form and function with a special focus on the journey of the modern cyclist. As ever we were determined that every element of the design would be thought through.  At each stage we tested and re-tested, from the materials we selected to the internal straps.Always knowing that its structure and stand-out appearance would define it from other cases on the market. While its unparalleled strength and integrity would underpin its success.

Along the way, we’ve experienced some challenges. Some were tough lessons and many reality checks, one defining example was never, under any circumstances, cut corners or compromise on quality especially in the name of saving a few quid.  Designed by cyclists, for cyclists.