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Are you someone who frequently travels with your bike but always has the hassle of figuring out how to transport it safely?

Does the thought of travelling with your bike give you nightmares?

Would your life become a whole lot easier if you had one simple solution to transport your bike when travelling?

Then keep reading…



The Shokbox is a highly manoeuvrable, easy-to-pack, lightweight bicycle transport case. It’s the ultimate cycle protection system manufactured from a unique blend of polyethylene providing a high level of strength and security when transporting your bike overseas by air travel.

It’s manufactured and engineered in the UK and was designed for cyclists, by cyclists.

The Shokbox is packed with features such as integrated Anti-Crush, Recessed handles, TSA-approved locking latches and a GPS tracking system (optional) for added security and peace of mind.




Multi Directional Castors


Why Choose

In addition to it being the ultimate cycle protection system with
a high level of strength and security, you get the following peace of mind too:


The design brings together quality, durability, and affordable strength. The Shokbox bicycle transport case with integrated features such as recessed TSA latches, wheels and handles cleverly engineered from tough durable materials with strength in mind, to create the ultimate protection system.

Light and Strong

The Shoxbox is unique in its appearance and stands alone in performance. With sweeping lines and contours, we were purposeful in the design process, avoiding flat surface areas our smart design gives strength and added protection without increasing the overall weight or compromising internal security and impact integrity.

Quick and Easy

It’s quick and easy to pack. Throughout the design process we aimed to make Shokbox the easiest bike case to pack in the world, with many complications of traditional packing removed, many of Shokbox’s features are designed specifically to simplify and speed up the process without compromising on the safety of your bike.

Safe And Secure

Shokbox is safe, strong and without doubt the safest solution for transporting your bike. With TSA latches and GPS tracking our design incorporates Shokbox’s revolutionary impact damping system and smart impact zones, we use seminal technology and suspend the frame and wheels in an amniotic-type cavity to give ultimate protection for your bike.



Fast and reliable free delivery



10 Years of exclusive warranty



Many years on the market



5 star rating on Trustpilot


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We have a wide range of Shokbox options to cater for every cyclist
wanting to travel with peace of mind.

The Premium and Classic ranges will show you that there is literally
a Shokbox out there for everyone.

Take a look at the range on offer to compare the options


£ 599.00

The best of the best as we call it in a bike transport case to protect your bike


Moulded Shokbox Logo

Integrated Pull Handles

Integrated Anti Crush System

Multi-directional Castor Wheels​

High Impact Protection Zones​

Intelligent Internal Protection System

TSA Combination Locking Latches

GPS Tracking System (Optional)

Padded Wheel Bags and Accessories Bag

Eight Colour Options

Lifetime Warranty


£ 499.00 £399

Yet another great choice for transporting your bike.


Integrated Anti Crush System

Colour coded GPS Plate

Multi-directional Castor wheels

Intelligent Protection System

Integrated Pull Handles

TSA Locking Latches

Smart Impact Protection Zones

Lifetime Warranty

Who are We?

As lifelong cyclists, we have developed a passion for travelling overseas with our bikes. Most bike cases on the market didn’t give the confidence that our precious cargo would be safe and secure once in the hands of the airline baggage handlers. We found that most offerings were just adequate with little or no attention to design or engineering!

For three years, we worked with some of the UK’s best engineers and product designers; we set out to rethink the future of bike cases. We looked at form and function with a special focus on the journey of the modern cyclist, we were determined that every element of the design would be thought through. At each stage we tested and re-tested, from the materials we selected to the internal straps, we knew its structure and stand-out appearance would define it from other cases on the market, while its unparalleled strength and integrity would underpin its success.

When you purchase a Shokbox and place your trust and confidence in our products, we believe that all customers should benefit from our understanding, friendliness and a willingness to help.

It’s easy to say, but not always truly meant, but at Shokbox a positive customer journey is engrained in our culture. We value our customers and will always listen. While we accept that sometimes things don’t always go to plan, at Shokbox we will own it and deal with it head on. We will always aim to go that extra mile and always do the right thing.

When you buy a Shokbox product you will receive the highest level of customer support, backed up with Shokbox’s lifetime product warranty

We are proud to make Shokbox in the UK and will always ensure that all our materials are sourced ethically. where possible we support local businesses for our supply chain, simply because that’s the right thing to do. Small businesses support each other.


Smart Impact Protection Zones

Innovation and excellence -always seeking to innovate and improve our products​

Honesty and integrity – truth matters

Being passionate in everything we do – for the benefit of our customers

Within reason – never cut corners in the name of saving money

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We have the answers!

The weight is approx. 11.7 kg, Keep in mind that baggage allowances tend to vary between airlines, it’s always wise to check with your carrier before travelling.

We always recommend taking out additional insurance to the maximum value of your bike before travelling.

Shokbox is designed for transporting road, mountain, and tri bikes (full carbon disc wheel limitation)

The box comes in a choice of 8 colours – see our website for all the colours available

The box will accommodate most frame sizes. Some larger frames (over 62cm) may require additional dismantling.

TSA was created to help improve security for passengers on flights to and from America. A division of Homeland Security, the TSA create and implement various security measures and checks for passengers, including the screening of luggage.

The battery lasts 15 days between charges and comes with a third party global tracking platform with app.

The GPS unit is accessible from inside your case and will automatically switch into flight mode upon take-off.

The Shokbox will not accommodate a carbon disc wheel in its current format.

Wheel bags are not essential for packing your case.

L 120cm H 90 cm W 33 cm – Shokbox is designed to comfortably fit into most small to medium hatchbacks, rear seats may need to be folded flat to accommodate. It will also fit into the boot of space of most saloon cars with the rear seats folded down.
Dismantling and packing *(see instructional video)
Minimal dismantling is required, although some larger frames may require additional dismantling, e.g., handlebars, seat post and, in extreme cases chain set or fork assembly.

Shokbox comes with a limited lifetime warranty

Shokbox will accommodate disc brakes, through axle, 29R wheels and oversize tyres.

Make travelling with your bike safe and hassle free!

Get your Shokbox today and enjoy peace of mind when travelling always!

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