By Mat Brett

The Shokbox Premium is a tough box that comes with a tracking system for locating your bike during air travel, although it’s a heavy option that might push you over weight limits with some carriers. It’s not actually in stock until mid-December, but Shokbox is taking orders in the meantime and discounts of 30 per cent are available on both the Premium and the Classic (more details below).

  • Pros: Strong construction, good latches, manoeuvrable
  • Cons: A little heavier than rivals, LugLoc adds to the price

The Shokbox is made in the UK from ‘a unique blend of polyethene’, according to the manufacturer. It’s tough stuff. We have, of course, flown with the box as part of the review process and it has come through relatively unscathed. We can’t be sure how much baggage handler abuse it was subjected to behind the scenes, so we dished out some of our own – lobbing it about and stacking other boxes on top just to check its strength. Don’t tell Shokbox but we also gave it a whacking with a rubber mallet, which seems like a reasonable simulation of the sort of ill-treatment that’s meted out in airports.

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Lock ‘n’ roll

The Classic ShockBox — which isn’t made from such a high grade of plastic — is secured shut with simple TSA locking latches, while the Premium version that we have here comes with the addition of two TSA combination locking latches. This means that you can lock the box but that the authorities at the airport can open it without causing damage(link is external) if they want to check what’s inside, and re-lock it afterwards.

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