Shokbox Green Premium GPS

£ 699.00 £ 599.00

Premium Features

  • Moulded Shokbox Logo
  • Integrated Anti crush system
  • Multi directional Castor wheels
  • Integrated Pull Handles
  • High impact protection Zones
  • Intelligent Internal protection system
  • TSA Combination Locking Latches
  • GPS tracking system standard
  • Padded wheel Bag set (adds 900g)
  • Available in any of 8 colours
  • Life Time warranty

Additional information: Weight  12.5 kg    Dimensions  120 × 33 × 91 cm



Available on back order (upto 28days)

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Shokbox® is the ultimate cycle protection system, our hard case is manufactured from a unique blend of polyethylene, it provides a high level of strength and security when transporting your bike to overseas events. Manufactured and engineered in the UK, Shokbox® bike box was designed for cyclists, by cyclists. A highly manoeuvrable, easy to pack, lightweight bicycle transport case. Shokbox®is packed with features, such as integrated Anti-Crush, recessed handles, TSA approved locking latches and GPS tracking system (optional) for added security and peace of mind.


Shokbox® is safe, strong and without doubt the safest solution for transporting your bike.  With TSA latches and GPS tracking our design incorporates Shokbox’s revolutionary impact damping system and smart impact zones, we use seminal technology and suspend the frame and wheels in an amniotic type cavity to give ultimate protection for your bike.


Hand built in the UK, Shokbox® is unique in its appearance and stands alone in performance. With sweeping lines and contours, we were purposeful in the design process, avoiding flat surface areas our smart design gives strength and added protection without increasing the overall weight or compromising internal security and impact integrity.


Our high performance, easy to pack, innovative design brings together quality, durability and affordable strength. The Shokbox® bicycle transport case with integrated features such as recessed TSA latches, wheels and handle cleverly engineered from tough durable materials with strength in mind, to create the ultimate protection system.

Key Features

Integrated anti-crush system, Impact damping technology, Protective impact zones, Recessed TSA latches. Multi direction castor wheels. Integrated hinges & handles. GPS Tracking. (Optional) Protective wheel-bags. Improved ground clearance. Greater manoeuvrability. Improved Ground Clearance.

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Additional information

Weight12.9-900 kg
Dimensions120 × 33 × 91 cm