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A British innovator and entrepreneur gets set to take the cycling transportation market by storm with ShokBox

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“My innovation may not change the world, but it will certainly change our world”

Many laughed at Dyson when he set out to disrupt the vacuum cleaner market. Equally many thought Steve Jobs a lunatic by bringing together a camera, telephone, portable music platform and email. Now, Brit innovator and Entrepreneur Martin Greene gets set to improve the bicycle transportation industry.

With unwavering resolve, Martin pulled together a team of carefully selected engineers and designers. All from different backgrounds, but all with a common interest – cycling.  All agreed that the products on offer were at best adequate. So they set out to make things better and created ShokBox, the ultimate in bike transportation systems.

“When the cycling community pauses to take a moment, and look at what we have accomplished. I hope they will be as impressed as my Dad was,” jokes Martin. “We knew we were onto something good, but this bike box has genuinely exceeded our own expectations.”

Compare The Market 

While it may seem bold to compare this innovation to Apple’s iPhone and the Dyson bag-less cleaner. Martin accepts that his innovation may not change the world, but it will most certainly change the cycling world.

There hasn’t been very much help financially to get this project off the ground and so the ShokBox team has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.  The campaign has helped identify the market and demand for the product. Then just two weeks into the four-week campaign the bike box project has received funding to the tune of 85%.

Martin has received many emails of encouragement and his inbox has been flooded with goodwill messages from well-wishers who see the necessity for this huge leap forwards. The general opinion is something that works very well and looks good too!

If you would like to support the campaign – the entry level is just a pound – please go to our page!


Cycling in the UK is great, but sometimes you are going to want to take your bike on a bit more of an adventure. Biking around the world is an amazing experience and allows you to see some of the parts of the world that you may not ever have before.

The only problem is transporting your bike around. Sure, you can send it on a plane, but is that always the safest or securest option?

Enter ShokBox. The ultimate transport case for any bike.

The product

The idea behind the ShokBox came about after a trip to Italy resulted in some costly damage to a rear Mech and hanger. The creator decided that seeing as we were now firmly in the 21st century, transportation for bikes around the world should be too. After all, if we can wear a helmet cam to capture our rides. Then surely we should be able to protect our bikes properly too?

It started by creating the basis for a revolutionary anti-crush system as well as provide impact damping too. Both things are vital when a bike is being transported. Whilst we all hope that our bikes are going to be handled carefully. We know from experience this really isn’t always the case.

The New ShokBox® is not only just about protecting the bike whilst it’s being transported, but it also protects it from theft or loss too. The case not only provides a built-in GPS feature, which means that you can use your smartphone to see exactly where your bike is at all times.  It also has a raft of design and engineering features that keep your bike safe and secure. It really does have it all!

The Kickstarter We Made It 

Of course it took some doing but this is now December 2019 and we are happily trading.

There is only a matter of days to get on board with the ShokBox project. If it is not funded in its £15,000 entirety then this project will not go ahead and cycling enthusiasts won’t be able to take advantage of this amazing project.

It currently stands at £9,225 ($12,181) with just 18 days to go. We believe that this is a fantastic idea, one that deserves to be supported.

Not only will you be supporting this amazing idea, but backers can also receive a reward for their pledge too. This will vary on the pledge amount as well as the availability of the reward.

  • Pledge £1 or more and you will receive a digital thank you card thanking you for your support
  • £5 or more and you will receive a 500ml ShokBox logo water bottle
  • Pledge £10 or more and you will receive a limited edition ShokBox T-shirt
  • £25 or more and you will receive a limited-edition travel track pump
  • Pledge £299 or more and you will receive a ShokBox in one of the variety of colours on offer

Want to pledge to this amazing Kickstarter project? Why not check out the link and show your support to this amazing idea for all cycling enthusiasts?

Why Shokbox 


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International Mountain Bike Magazine (IMB) Featured In 

Ever had your beloved bike smashed to pieces by inconsiderate baggage handlers, or worried that it might get lost in transition? The ShokBox could be the hard case solution to all of your bike holiday problems.

Whether planning an extended cycling trip overseas or simply seeking ways to keep a treasured bicycle safe and secure with minimal fuss, the ShokBox bike protection system has the ideal solution to suit.

This compact, ultra-durable bike box is designed to meet the needs of even the most demanding cycling adventures, helping bikes stay completely protected no matter what. Available in a range of specialisations from Classic to Premium, to Professional, the ShokBox is perfect for cycling enthusiasts of all skill levels, offering crucial peace of mind and preventing any damage to the kit in transit. The ultimate bike box 

12 Months Into The Journey of ShokBox



We Have This The Shokbox Moulding 

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Then We Do This

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And We Get This The Shokbox 

the best Solution to transport your bike

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