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Are All Bike Boxes Equal ?

If you are travelling with your bike, then you’re probably someone who considers your bike to be an important part of your life and indeed an extension of yourself. Whether you’re taking part in an overseas event or you plan to hit some mountain trails or iconic climbs. You need to ensure that your bike arrives safely from international air travel, securely and in one piece. You need a bike box from Shokbox

One thing I know is that travelling with your bike unprotected is not a good option. I have come across many who claim that shrouding it in bubble wrap and a cardboard box is enough protection!   Whether you are travelling by train or airline, the risk of damage increases and the damage can cost a significant amount to put right once you’re there. Therefore, to avoid the risk, you need to make sure that you protect your bike in the best possible way.

Look beyond the obvious

The most common things people look for in a bike case are how heavy and how much?  A soft bag will generally weigh less than that of a hard case and tend to come in at a lower cost. However  you could find that you pay the price later.  Pricing varies with cases, ranging from £150-£800 but please keep in mind that all cases are not equal. Be aware buying cheaply can be a false economy because a bike case should be something you only buy once. So, ensure you bikebox represents real value for money.

The truth is that most insurance claims relating to damaged bikes in transit are attributed to soft bags. Simply put, they do not offer the same level of protection at all. Imagine arriving at your destination to unpack your bike to find it damaged. Although the soft bag v hard case debate will continue long after Brexit is settled. The reality is how much value do you put on your bike?

shokbox the bike box
Keep it safe!

What should you consider when choosing a hard bike case?

Wheel Storage

Packing the wheels is a vital part of travelling with a bike.  Many cases come with moulded wheel recesses as part of their structure which can restrict the size of the wheel that you can pack.  In many older cases, for example, Bonza, this would make it difficult to travel with oversized tubeless tyres with liquid sealant. In fact, tyres would need to be removed to enable you to travel.  With a Shokbox this isn’t a problem.


Bike and associated technology have evolved, but unfortunately, most hard cases were designed around old technology.  One consideration that nobody saw coming was rotor/disc brakes on road and TT bikes, many older bike boxes like Bikebox Alan can’t facilitate these which means they need to be removed adding more packing and assembly. What’s more, many of the older cases like Velovault are designed for QR skewers, however, many modern bikes now come with a through axel system making older cases redundant and often unusable.  It’s a consideration that most overlook until it’s time to pack their bike, with Shokbox this wouldn’t be an issue.

Is it Trackable?

Missing luggage or misdirected luggage happens all too often and is extremely annoying when all you want to do is go and ride your bike. Even though you might have insurance in place (and everybody should) a missing bike would definitely put a downer on your holiday!  Shokbox is available with GPS tracking, which means that you can track your bike wherever it might be.  It can even pinpoint the exact location of your bike box in the airport

Added Protection

So you did all the research and decided on hard case, but will it protect your bike from knocks, drops and stacking?   The Shokbox integrated Anti-crush System™ means no poles, rods or peripherals to attach making it easy to pack.  Impact damping technology ensures that all stress from loading is diverted to the heavy-duty sidewalls.

Shokbox Anti-Crush System


TSA Compliant Locks

Shokbox has TSA compliant lockable latches recessed into the contours of the case. This not only gives the case a much neater appearance, but it also prevents it from becoming snagged on conveyor belts. This makes travelling with your bike more secure. Everything we have done is to ensure quality and functionality to our bike box UK.

Shokbox TSA Locking Latch
TSA Locking Latches
Simple Manoeuvrability

It’s common for bike cases to come with just two castor wheels. But have you ever tried moving a 32kg bike box with just two wheels, while carrying a rucksack and juggling hand luggage for your trip?  However, with four multi-directional castor wheels, and ShokBox slick ball bearings, the load is evenly distributed. So the bike box can be easily moved around using our integrated pull handles with ease.

Multi-directional castor wheels

Pro-cyclist Ted King demonstrates four-wheeled, infinite steering capabilities.


Most bike boxes offer some form of warranty ranging from 12 months to Bike Box Alan’s 7 years.  We are advocates of always taking out specialist travel insurance just in case the worst were to happen.  However, at Shokbox we are so confident in our quality products, every case comes with a lifetime warranty. What is Shokbox

The Shokbox bike box is a simple yet effective solution for travelling with your bike. Its unique design offers an exceptional level of protection. Whilst its clever, thought-through systems ensure that your bike can be packed and unpacked in a matter of minutes with minimal hassle.

Bike box Comparison Chart

Bike box comparison chart

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Source: The Cyclist

If you’re travelling with your bike by train or plane you need to make sure it’s properly protected in transit.

If it turns up damaged, at best you’ll end up with piles of yawnsome insurance paperwork once you get home, while at worst your well-earned bike break will be wrecked before it even begins.

Although soft-shell bike bags offer a lightweight option for those on limited budgets, our advice has always been to opt for a highly protective hard-shell case whenever you’re transporting your bike.

Not all bike boxes are created equal, however, so here we guide you through what Brit firm Shokbox offers with its products so you’ll know what features to look for when making this essential investment… our classic plus 

Whats Included

1. All Shokbox models – including the Classic, the Premium and the forthcoming Professional – use highly durable yet lightweight polypropylene for the outer casing.

Shokbox’s design then pushes this protection to the next level with features such as rounded, reinforced edges. These minimise the effects of impacts in the areas where they’re most likely to occur.

2. Once your bike is partially disassembled – a case of quickly removing its wheels, pedals, Seatpost and bars  – there’s plenty to keep the outside world from getting in.

A central support, for example, is integral to the case’s anti-crush properties and is strong enough to help keep the case’s walls apart even if a full-grown man stood on the case while it was laid flat.

3. Further internal anti-crush protection comes in the form of thick foam pads. Two sit between the outer walls of the case and the bike frame and wheels.

A third is then sandwiched between the frame and wheels.

4. Your Seatpost and pedals get their own carry sack.

5. Your wheels get their own bags, which are then securely strapped into the case’s lid.

6. There’s also plenty of room for your helmet, shoes, and any other cycling clothing.

7. Stainless-steel castors provide extra clearance and mobility for gliding through airports.

8. Theft deterrents include an in-built GPS chip (trackable via dedicated app) plus lockable TSA combination latches.

All cases can hold frames up to 62cm, and come in a blaze of different colours – so yours will be instantly recognisable when it emerges unscathed at baggage reclaim.

The Cyclist Magazine

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